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«League of Robots»

Today, we are one of the largest schools of robotics, aimed at teaching engineering. We have more than 400 branches in 44 cities of Russia and the CIS, as well as in the USA.


Why should study in our section?

100% guarantee of training results

We are confident in the high quality of the knowledge provided, so we will fully refund the cost of the first lesson if the child does not like it.

School of additional education

We offer education of a new level for your children: "live", constantly improving methods and a unique system of teacher training.

Educational programs for all ages

Our specialists have developed educational programs for any age and level of knowledge of children: from beginners to masters.

What learners do in the section?


The analysis of the theory of exact sciences, engineering and mechanics.


Creating unique designs of their robots.


Creation of an algorithm in 7 different programming languages.


Checking the work of the robot, preparation for launch.


Conducting experiments, completing assignments.

Our benefits


192 fascinating lessons, transferring children to the world of discovery; 576 hours of pumping the child's intellect - algorithmic and projected thinking, technical creativity of our students is above the level of peers.

STEM-multidisciplinary approach to education: through robotics we teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, project activities, teamwork and even history and biology.

School-College-Enterprise - an integral system of involving schoolchildren and students in practical activities. We always have something interesting and new for children from 5 to 17 years with any level of knowledge of robotics.

"Live", constantly improving techniques. A unique system of teacher training. Students of the League of Robots participate in Russian and international robotics competitions and take prizes.

The duration of one lesson is 3 hours. Immersion in the learning process of robotics gives the maximum result, provides parents with free time, and detaches children from cartoons and "shooters", channeling the child's energy into a constructive channel.

The goal of the League of Robots is to revive the interest of children in the profession of an engineer, technical creativity. Approaches and methods of the League of Robots tested on 28000 learners. For the same money, we teach twice as much and give twice as much useful knowledge.

Learn from the best

Today, the League of Robots is one of the largest schools of robotics, aimed at teaching engineering.


Years experience






Branches around the world



Robotics classes are conducted by teachers…

  • trained at the Russian national robotics team coach
  • continuing courses in the field of microelectronics and programming
  • regularly trainees in Russia and abroad
  • certified by the International Association of Robotics
  • taking part and taking prizes in various robotic competitions
  • bachelors and masters from the best universities in the world
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