The federal network of robotics sections «League of Robots» was founded in 2011 by Pak Nikolay Yuryevich, the undergraduate of the faculty of automation and computer engineering of NSTU. Interest in robotics awoke while participating in student competitions. The team of the «League of robots» takes prizes in foreign competitions in robotics in China, Japan and Malaysia. Having examined the experience of advanced countries in the field of robotics, a system of staff development, a system of motivations, it was decided to create a similar system in Russia.

To date, the «League of Robots» is one of the largest schools of robotics, aimed at teaching engineering. Over 400 affiliates in 44 cities of Russia and CIS have been opened, as well as in the USA. In our schools, more than 28000 learners are engaged in acquiring engineering skills. Coaching staff of the League of Robots confirms its professionalism with prize-winning places that our athletes occupy.

For all time of existence «League of Robots» the huge experience of participation in robototechnical competitions of a various level is saved up. The most significant, of course, is participation in World Robot Olympiad. Since 2012, the learners of the «League of Robots» consistently pass the regional and all-Russian qualifying stages, are part of the Russian team and in the TOP-15 at the world stage.

In 2017, the international stage of the World Robot Olympiad was held November 10-12 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Our learners were leading with a wide margin at all stages, the only team that completed the additional task and eventually took 1st place in the Regular Senior category of the World Robot Olympiad 2017!

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