«League of Robots» provides a service for the acquisition of the franchise. Grow with us!

We offer you:

  • Become an owner of an innovative business with the prospect of development guaranteed by the state for the next 30 years.
  • Get years of algorithm "League of Robots", which will allow you to send a maximum of enthusiasm and energy, without being distracted by thinking over the details.
  • Get access to unique educational technologies and techniques of "Robot League" that will allow you to stand out from other engineering sections in your city.
  • Your business consultants will be experienced employees of the "League of Robots".

You work under the brand «League of Robots» — proven in the field of Russian educational robotics. Our organization is mentioned in the articles of business media and in the reports of state corporations, interviews with our employees are shown on Federal channels, our students take prizes in prestigious competitions.

What are our benefits?

Geographical expansion is an indicator of activity and competitiveness. "League of Robots" is interested in the emergence of new professional platforms that can develop and develop together the direction of educational robotics.

We are confident that quality entails profit

This is a sign of demand and utility. "League of Robots" was born as a community of enthusiasts and people involved, aimed primarily at solving educational problems. The mission to revive engineering education appeared at the stage of formation of the first team and immediately became meaningful for all further work of the organization.

Where to start?

Read the presentation, check that we do not have reliable partners in Your city yet, and send a request. Next, you will receive detailed information about the terms of the franchise, calculations and procedures, as well as to communicate with the Deputy Director of development via Skype.

  • You weighed the pros and cons, but you still have questions? Write them to our e-mail:, specify a convenient way of communication for negotiations and wait for a prompt response.
  • You 100% decided to connect your life with robotics and are sure that you will be able to organize a section of the "League of Robots" in your city? Then leave a request, and we will soon contact you.

Registration of franchise

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